About Us

Based on the beautiful Bantham Beach in South Devon, the Bantham Surfing Academy provides surfing lessons to complete novices through to advanced surf coaching.
We are a British Surf School Centre Of Excellence, which means that we:

  • Provide: Foundation, Recreational, Performance and Academy programmes.
  • Have a high level advanced surf coaching programmes for elite competitive surfers at regional/national level.
  • Provide additional facilities and resources or access to such, to enable implementation of relevant training programmes. Facilities to include: class room teaching facility, TV, DVD player, camcorder, fitness training equipment, fitness suite/gym.
  • Have access to and use additional support from recognized sports science and fitness coaching specialists for the training programmes.
  • Work closely with the BSA for implementation of specific training programmes or requirements of National squad surfers/athletes.
  • Have Coaches qualified at levels 1-4
Centre of Excellence