Bantham Surfing Academy

About Us

Based on the beautiful Bantham Beach in South Devon, the Bantham Surfing Academy provides surfing lessons to complete novices through to advanced surf coaching.
We are a British Surf School Centre Of Excellence, which means that we:

  • Provide: Foundation, Recreational, Performance and Academy programmes.
  • Have a high level advanced surf coaching programmes for elite competitive surfers at regional/national level.
  • Provide additional facilities and resources or access to such, to enable implementation of relevant training programmes. Facilities to include: class room teaching facility, TV, DVD player, camcorder, fitness training equipment, fitness suite/gym.
  • Have access to and use additional support from recognized sports science and fitness coaching specialists for the training programmes.
  • Work closely with the BSA for implementation of specific training programmes or requirements of National squad surfers/athletes.
  • Have Coaches qualified at levels 1-4
Centre of Excellence